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Join the auction site that specializes in the Lifetime Collections of Mark & Nani Wilson's world travels and magical productions.

Current Auction, Ending Oct. 1 2023

Magic Castle, Academy of Magical Arts, It's Magic, Magic Castle Cabaret

MAGIC CASTLE Collectables

Mark and Nani have kept so many items, from the Magic Castle, that not everyone had access to, or perhaps did not save for so long!  Limited Edition offerings from Founder's Day, and some one-of-a-kind items as well.

IT'S MAGIC Collectables

Milt Larsen, with the help of his brother Bill and Terry Hill, produced live It's Magic shows for decades.  Add some wonderful historic ephemera to your magic collection.  Great memories of amazing performances from the '60's on...

MAGIC CABARET Collectables

Milt and Arleen Larsen's amazing miniature Magic Castle in Santa Barbara, a beautiful jewel box of a venue, and a lovely dream.  These few items are true limited collectables.  We all hope, of course, that it will reopen and share it's magical-ness with the world again.

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