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Memorabilia of all sizes

This Auction website is not only fun, but a great place to find that special thing that you just have to have for your collection.  One-Of-A-Kind items, many available for the first time!

What we do

We make the treasures from the history of magic & more available for YOU.

We are constantly making discoveries in the Mark Wilson and Nani Darnell lifetime collection, then featuring them here at this special site dedicated to sharing the "Happy Magic" for which Mark and Nani are so famous.

The Real Deal

The items here are really from Mark and Nani's personal collection.  From their home or their offices, it's their stuff.

History Making Magic

Tricks, trinkets, and treasures of all types, kinds, and sizes. From illusions to cufflinks, watch for your favorite. items

While it lasts

Most items are one-of-a-kind, or rare pieces that you just don't find that often anymore. Ask if you don't see it yet.

An International Collection...  Decades of Entertainment !

From Dallas in the 50's & Allakazam in the 60's

Mark and Nani's careers started well before their first local TV shows in Dallas.  Blossoming with their network show, "The Magic Land of Allakazam" they kept so much from their origins. 

to the 70's Magic Circus and amusement parks 

The "Magic Circus" was the first of the color magic TV specials, setting a new standard for modern magic.  And of course all of the amusement park shows and trade shows around the world.  Sets, Costumes, Props, and all kinds of advertising memorabilia.

China, Burger king, art, etc.,  in the 80's & 90's

Their history making performing tour of China in 1980, and decades of "Incredible Acrobats of China" shows in the US.  Puppet shows and live "Marvelous Magical Burger King" custom made shows.  Every time Mark had a new idea, he had beautiful concept art created.  And there are the other sales tools too, Kodak Glossy prints, custom corporate magic gifts, and so much more covering decades of productivity.

magic course and more through the Millennium

The Mark Wilson Complete Course in Magic is perhaps the most popular text of magic instruction in the world.  Published in many languages, we have the original hand made paste up boards, printing negatives, photos and art used during the creation of the book that has influenced magicians of multiple generations.  Mark continued to create new projects right up to his passing in 2021... Just a few weeks shy of his 92nd birthday, his mind had new magical visions of things to come.

why we do it

It's time to share...

I have learned that there are people around the world that have warm memories of my parent's magic.  I'd be selfish to keep it all.  So my brother Mike, and mother Nani have given me permission to share Nani Darnell and Mark Wilson's life achievements with you all.  Please help us spread the word, because eventually we will list something here for everyone.  And like I said before, "if you don't see something you are interested in, please write to me and let me know!"  (By the way, I'm the baby in the photo.)

Greg Wilson

Auctions that are fun and easy to do, many with "buy now" options.

I've run live auctions, but I really enjoy participating in online auctions.  It's so easy to bid from home, work, or on the road.  And with all the different categories, be sure to come back often for the new listings.  Even if you've never participated in an online auction, I want to make it easy for you.   I'm happy to help.  Soon, you will be a master at it.


What they say

Michael Brandwein 

Magician, Lecturer, Writer

Mark & Nani: Your ground-breaking shows are the "for real." They are the gold standard which the rest of us try to reach if we could do it as magically as you. Thank you for setting the bar so high back then, for now, and for many generations to come.

goldfinger and dove

Entertainment Director, Magic Castle

Mark & Nani, you have our gratitude and appreciation for your enormous contribution to magic, for the gift of access, and for making The Magic Land of Allakazam fun for everyone.